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12 November 2013 @ 09:48 am
I hope that someday, I can voice a playable character in an MMO game so that Nick (my boyfriend) can play as my character.

It's one of my life goals na no desu.
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25 July 2013 @ 10:39 am
To the people who are still alive and keeping up with Livejournal! Long time no LJ!

I haven't posted since November 2012 (for my business trip to Atlanta, Georgia) - I'm more of a Twitter person and an occasional Facebook person. I still think Facebook is the devil's playpen and where drama and stupidity are given the go ahead to exist, but you can keep the devil out of your playpen by not adding people who are crap. If someone I don't know/recognize friends me, I only friend them back if they're part of the voice acting circle or maaaaybe if they're from Pangya. (But anybody from Pangya usually follows me on Twitter instead.)

My 3 year anniversary of working at the hospital is coming up in a couple of weeks. I've been working in the hospital for 3 years, but only a little over a year working as a salaried employee in the Information Services department. It's tough stuff, man. I have come to hate working with computers as a day job and I'll only not resent being here if I am a telecommute employee. BECAUSE TELECOMMUTERS DON'T HAVE TO BE ON CALL, which is the bane of my existence. No, really, it is. When I'm on call, I'm looking at 8 or 9 working days (essentially, almost double the hours of one work week) for the 7 days I'm on call, usually. Although I worked the equivalent of 9 days last time I was on call (3 weeks ago), miraculously, I was being called after sunrise. You know, rather than at 3AM and having to wake up, work for who knows how long, then be expected to show up at the hospital at 9AM for my usual job on 3 or less hours of sleep. Not 3 weeks ago, but the time before that when I was on call, after my turn was over, I came home, stayed awake for an hour, then at 6PM went to sleep, and did not wake back up until 7AM the next day. And I only woke up because my supervisor had texted a bunch of us about wanting to buy lottery tickets as a group (this was around the time when the Powerball jackpot was insane).

I hate being on call. :( Sometimes I wish I had 3 phones when I'm on call instead of the on call blackberry they pass around from person to person + my own personal cell.

So, yesterday, I finished up a 3 week animation voice over class. The instructor was Darren Dunstan (if you Google him, please note that apparently his age on wikipedia is 5 years older than it should be and he's really T___T about that but doesn't know how to change that, lol), whose a voice actor, voice director and casting director. He works on several "Saturday morning cartoon"-esque animations, as well as stuff that used to belong to 4Kids Entertainment, like Pokemon and Yugioh (primarily Yugioh). He is apparently Colress in the Pokemon Black & White anime. I've recently, FINALLY, finished Pokemon White 2 (I hardly watch the show anymore, but I still keep up with the games) and that dude in the game is like... it's like he's evil but not. Or something. He's like an asshole that never really does asshole-ish things. I HATE HIM BUT I HARDLY HAVE A REASON TO. So I'm interested in knowing how this character is portrayed in the anime.

As usual, I'm hot stuff, but the few times I've been in front of a microphone in an actual studio setting, I'm been on the verge of soiling my underwear. So, if you remember, I first started taking voice acting classes/workshops on a whim in 2012 when it was posted to twitter (by Cristina Vee) that Bang Zoom! was coming to New York to hold beginner and intermediate-level VA classes. So, for the heck of it, I'm like, okay, let me just through $500 at these people and take these two workshops. And although I did well and the instructor (Tony Oliver) was really impressed and said I was talented, I was literally SHAKING whenever I was up at the microphone. I'M AFRAID OF THE MICROPHONE.

After yesterday's class, I don't think I'm afraid of the microphone anymore. I was nervous the first two weeks (but not TERRIFIED AND SHAKING, like I was a year ago), but the final class, it was like the most natural thing.

So, the class ended, he said "good stuff" to everyone, said feel free to email him, let him know if you're working on anything, that sort of thing. However, he also mentioned that he'd be calling people up for an audition if anything opens up that he thinks we might be suited for.





It'd be really nice if that were true. T__T I wanna be on Pokemon... Please note that Pokemon was my sister's and my LIFE when we were little. OUR LIFE. All you had to do was slap a Pikachu on something and we'd think it was pure gold. My sister grew out of it by the time she turned 15 or so, but to this day, I still play the games. Pokemon X and Y so hype, man. I need to get a 3DS just for that. Getting X; the Y legendary looks like it has a giant hand for a penis. I'm not feeling that. That's creepy as all hell.

So yeah, that's how my life has been the past... 8 or so months. Like I said, I still check LJ about once a week because of some comms I'm in and a few old VAA people post every so often and I read that. But I am not dead - just on Twitter (or Facebook) usually!
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02 June 2013 @ 09:31 pm
Oh, hey, I have a ell-jay that I keep neglecting!
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09 November 2012 @ 12:18 am
So hotel reserved, flight booked. I'll be leaving on Sunday for Atlanta, Georgia.

Because most of my family lives in South Carolina and the part they live in is like... extremely rural, I was under the impression that every thing in that general area of the country was the same way, but apparently, there's a subway system in Atlanta? Or something like that?

Either way, I'm going to spend the next two days trying to figure out how I'm supposed to get from the airport to my hotel. See, with LA, it was easy, as there were directions on the Anime Expo website. But alas, this is not for a convention, I am there on business, so there's no fellow animu fans to aid me.
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